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By working closely with your management teams, we help support your strategy in business restructuring, merging of departments, and streamlining your efficiency. Our focus has always been on international growth, helping you gain new clients in markets you may not have explored yet. Aside from our wide network of global contacts that you can use, we also offer interim management and mentoring services across a range of departments.


Excellent management consulting and investment advice across the aerospace industry

Aerospace and Satellite Communication

Space is no longer off limits. Rapid advancements in technology have created amazing, accessible opportunities that reach the stars, and we want to get you involved. When it comes to satellite communication and connectivity, the demand is there, and so is the tech. As almost everything moves online after the global pandemic, businesses and individuals require faster, secure, and more accessible connectivity services at all times.

We support you building strategies that help push and advance these technologies even further. Whether it’s listening and responding to trends, or investing in high growth aerospace companies of which we are both partners and shareholders.

Airlines and Airport Management

The airline and airport management industry is rapidly becoming more automated and digitzed – and it’s happening fast. Fuelled by the pandemic and the need for fast recovery, airlines are investing in new solutions that enhance the efficiency and speed of air travel. We’ve identified multiple major opportunities within the industry that are ripe for investment, particularly those driven by sustainability. Green Aviation is the biggest propellant for growth in the industry right now, and through our network of senior consultancy, we can help you build partnerships and relationships with companies who are at the cutting edge of this movement.

Urban Mobility and UTM

The urban mobility and UTM sectors are poised to deliver the most significant changes in everyone’s day-to travel experiences. Whether it’s drone operations for autonomous delivery and fulfillment, or urban transportation using the airspace – it’s a multi billion dollar industry where it’s better to be first. Our connections with industry leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs have helped us gain a deep understanding of this sector and the potential it promises. We’ll offer you sound advice on the industry, as well as the investment opportunities and partnerships that will make a difference.

Air Navigation Service Providers

It’s always exciting when an industry is on the cusp of being disrupted. The landscape becomes ripe with opportunities to not only grow your business, but to make meaningful, profitable investments with high returns. The Air Navigation Service Provider sector is on the verge of updating and upgrading their capabilities to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly sustainable aviation solutions. The goal of carbon neutral air travel isn’t about if, it’s about when. As legislation changes, we know which companies and which sectors will be the winners, and we’re all about supporting this industry, and helping connect it with our partners and clients.