Josef Kutschi

Managing Director

Josef Kutschi is the founder and Managing Director of The Sales Advisory, headquartered in Dubai South. In his professional career, Josef was part of building up and expanding business for high tech companies in the aviation industry. His experiences during these ventures showed a clear need of better advice consultants within growth and expansion strategies, as well as structuring and building organizations to achieve growth targets. His hands-on experience led him to found The Sales Advisory in 2015 – with a goal of providing real, meaningful advice for companies in the aerospace and aviation sector.

During the last 15 years, Josef has held several management positions in the IT and software industry, supplying state of the art software systems for Air Navigation Service providers, as well as Airports and Airlines in Europe, The Middle East and The Asia Pacific. Additionally, Josef is engaged as senior advisor to satellite operators and technology partners to establish and to provide Inflight Connectivity services for mission critical voice and data communication.

Josef has an engineering degree in Automation/IT from the Higher Technical College and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and International Management from the University of Applied Science in Graz/Austria and has been a resident of the UAE since 2013.

Ralf Preyer started his career in investment banking after attending The University of Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland. He began to work in Vienna for Erste Bank as a trader on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 1989.

He moved to London in 1992 and continued to work for a number of Brokers and Investment Banks until 2002. In 2003 he started his first private advisory firm and worked with numerous clients, specializing in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to his own independent business, he is a partner with Paul Putz & Partner, an Austrian advisory firm.

His focus was always on the capital market side of things, however he soon began handling a significant number of real estate transactions. In 2013 he moved to Dubai and became a director for an Investment Boutique regulated in the DIFC.

Ralf became a partner at The Sales Advisory team in 2019, helping combine the skill and talent he had in finance, with his love and passion for aviation.

Ralf Preyer


Ralf Preyer


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